What to wear for date with an Indian

It does not matter where you are going on your first date, or if you have been dating for a while, but you have to give a good impression on your date.  Additionally, your dressing must suit the occasion or whoever you are meeting with. For instance, if you are going on a date with an Indian, you need to impress him or her. Indians are proud of their culture and they love dressing conservatively. Here are some dressing tips to guide you on what to wear for a date with an Indian;

When dating an Indian, avoid wearing shapeless and ill-fated clothes.  If you are a lady, avoiding dressing suggestively, but wears the right dress for every occasion.  Importantly, you should avoid under-dressing or over-dressing.

Wear clothes and accessories that suit the occasion. In short, if you must wear accessories, let them match with your clothes and bring out the real you without complimenting on your character.  To avoid turn off, ensure your dress your age.  Avoid dressing too old and too young to impress, but dress to his or her taste.  Always make your dressing suit the occasion or your date.

For casual dates, avoid wearing unisex t-shirts, but instead wear t-shirts that are designed for you gender.  For example, if you are a lady, wear structured t-shirts with female designs.  For gentlemen, avoiding wearing skinny clothes if you are skinny jeans and t-shirts if you are big enough.

For traditional occasions, make sure you wear dresses that bring out your figure without overdoing it or looking so baggy.  Also, avoid wearing tops that are see-through, showing your boobs to everyone.

If you decide to wear jeans, make sure they are not too tight, showing your panties off.  Instead get fitting jeans. If you want to wear dresses, make sure they are not too short, leaving your body exposed.

Always be presentable.  Instead of dressing what pleases you, ask your friends or those close to you to give honest reviews on your clothing.  Wear only raises your self-presentation.

Avoid overdoing your hair.  As long as your hair is well kept, avoid overdoing it, and instead keep it real and straightforward.   Also, avoid doing makeups and be natural.  If you have to do makeups, ensure you are not overdoing it.

Wear shoes that works for you. Although high heels make you appear taller and have an excellent posture, avoid wearing them if you are not comfortable or not able to walk with the shoes.   To get a sexy look, wear shoes with small heels, but make sure they are fit and comfortable.

Apply some modest amount of perfume.  If you are used to applying more than enough perfume, learn to use some moderate amounts, to avoid causing irritation to your partner. If he is allergic to perfumes, avoid using them altogether.

Wear the right underpants. Do not appear clean and presentable just on the outside, but ensure your undergarments are presentable.

Finally, besides dressing appropriately for every occasion, always be you, and be friendly.  Additionally, always make an effort to remain presentable, as the partners’ interest, and ensure you build trust. Decency is of importance when dating anyone that comes from a region with a particular culture. If you are looking for a date, you could browse an Indian or German dating sites for a suitable partner online.