Drinks Trend in America 2016

Drinks Trend in America

Well, “drinks trend” in America has no other option but Coffee because more than 67% of American loves to take coffee to start the day or during the work.

Latte art by Jim StephensonAmazing Sunrise Latte Art Best 3D latte artHello kitty coffee art Swirl coffee art Colourful latte art3D giraffe latte artHellow Kitten Latte ArtBeautiful Butterfly Latte Artbeautiful coloured latte artRAINBOW COFFEELove to drink Coffee

When we go deep in “Coffee”, then there comes a question. What type of coffee maker is trending in America and the answer is “Drip coffee maker”. There are a lot of different drip coffee maker options to choose because there are different brands to select. So, to choose one of the best coffee makers for your kitchen, go to this list of 2016 drip coffee makers and be the part of the famous American trends.

jura subito coffee maker

Best Rated Drip Coffee Maker Under $100 – Cuisinart DCC-1200

Cuisinart DCC-1200 Coffee Maker

12 cup Best Automatic Drip Coffee Machine Under $30- Mr Coffee BVMC SJX33GT

Mr Coffee BVMC SJX33GT Coffee Maker

Coffee maker with Grinder- Cuisinart DGB 900BC

Cuisinart DGB 900BC Coffee Maker

Top Selling Machine Under $50 – Hamilton Beach 49981A

Hamilton Beach 49981A Coffee Maker

Single Cup Coffee Machine Under $30- Black and decker DCM18s

Black and decker DCM18s Coffee Maker

Best 12 cup Commercial Drip Coffee Maker- Bunn 33200.0015 VPR-2GD

Bunn 33200.0015 VPR-2GD

Slow Drip or Cold Drip Coffee Brewer- Toddy t2n

Coffee Brewer- Toddy t2n

Small Drip Coffee Maker For Camping- Coleman Camping 10 cup Coffee Maker

Coleman Camping 10 cup Coffee Maker

8 cup Manual Drip Coffee Maker- Kona French Press 34 ounces:

Coffee Maker- Kona French Press 34 ounces

Four cup Best Auto Drip Coffee Maker- MR Coffee DRX5

Coffee Maker- MR Coffee DRX5