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Colorful Eid-ul-Fitr Celebrated Across The Globe: Eid-ul-Fitr is the religious celebration of Muslims. It is celebrated on the 1st of Shawal, a Lunar month. This day of Eid celebrates the conclusion of the month of Ramadan in which the Muslim fasts throughout the month as per according to the Islamic teachings. Eid-ul-Fitr is the only day in which Muslims are not allowed to fast because this day is being celebrated for the end of the whole month of fasting. The main purpose of this day was so Muslim could celebrate some happiness.

How Muslim Celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr

Pre-Eid celebrations start right after moon sighting that is done by a religious person for this job. When Eid is announced people start shopping and preparing for their Eid day. The first thing that people do on that Eid day around the world is that they wear new clothes and men go to the nearby mosque t offer Eid prayer. After Eid prayer people who can give away money to the poor people on this day of happiness. Eid across the globe is them celebrated with great zeal and zest. People make sweet dishes, have relatives invited to their places so they can have lunch or dinner together. Children are given money, which is known as “Eid”, by their elders. People forget all the differences on this day and embrace each other.

Following is how people celebrate Eid across the globe.

Eid ul Fitr In Saudi Arabia

People of Saudi Arabia celebrate this day like people spend it around the world. Eid across the globe is celebrated on its fullest and people tend to become as generous as they can. In Saudi Arabia, even shopkeepers show their generosity by giving a gift to the customers on every purchase. People all across the Saudi Arabia buy rice and other necessities and leave it outside the houses of poor and needy. Sometimes people share and eat their food with the whole neighbourhood.

Eid ul Fitr In Pakistan

Eid across the globe is celebrated well b all the Muslim and even non-Muslim countries. Ed day in Pakistan, as usual, is started by Eid prayer and a sweet dish is made early in the morning and shared within the neighbourhood and Eid is distributed. Money to those in need is given and that money is known as “Fitrana”.

Eid ul Fitr In Afghanistan

Eid is celebrated in Afghanistan like Eid across the globe. In Afghanistan, after Eid prayer, people visit their relatives where they eat dry fruits together which is the special part of the Eid. Youngers go to the house of elderly people out of request.

Eid ul Fitr In Malaysia

In Malaysia, traditional dishes are made and the houses are open for everyone regardless of their religion or any other differences. Eid day is just a day of sharing food and happiness with each other. Tradition dresses are worn by both men and women and traditional dishes are also made.

Eid ul Fitr In Morocco

Eid in Morocco is celebrated just like it is celebrated all over the world. They dress in new clothes, decorate their houses and eat food together. Gifts are exchanged and money among poor distributed so they can enjoy Eid like other people too.

This is how Eid across the globe is celebrated.