Beautiful Global Eid Greetings Cards HD Wallpapers With Meanings

Beautiful Global Eid Greetings Cards HD Wallpapers With Meanings: Eid-ul-Fitr is one of the religious holidays of Muslims that is celebrated on the 1st of Shawal, the lunar month of Ramadan. Eid is celebrated to celebrate a day of happiness after fasting in the whole month of Ramadan. On this day Muslims all over the world start their day by getting dressed and offering Eid prayer, after that prayer they wish each other Eid Mubarak and money is distributed among poor. Money or gifts are given to the children by the elders and delicious food is made and the whole family gathers to eat together on that day. Relatives come over to share food and happiness on this day. Eid is the only day in the whole year where Muslims are not allowed to fast.

Beautiful Eid Greetings

Eid greetings are the most important part of Eid and it starts right after the moon sighting, the time Eid is announced. People start sending Eid Mubarak texts to all of their friends and relatives. If you are also looking forward to wishing Eid to all your relatives and friends and want to send best Eid greetings following are the few of the ideas about these Eid greetings.

Eid Text messages

Sending beautiful text messages is the best and the most instant way of sending your Eid greeting. A simple text saying Eid Mubarak can bring the smile on your friend’s face but if you are looking for the more creative way you can write a whole paragraph about how you feel about this day and how you want to share your happiness with your friends on this day.

Eid Mubarak Picture messages

A picture message or an animation saying “Eid Mubarak” can lighten up the receiver’s mood.

Eid-ul-Fitr Gifs

Different Gifs saying Eid greetings can be found online which you a send them to your loved ones.

Eid Mubarak Cards

Eid cards are available in the market so you can send them over with their gift and make your friends feel special this Eid.

 Printable Eid Cards

You can also print Eid card for your friends while sitting at home and can send them.

 Cool Eid E-cards

The e-card is the card that can be sent over the E-mail so just choose an E-card and send it to your loved ones to share your happiness with them.

 Handmade Eid ul Fitr Cards

Just a little bit of effort can help bring a smile on your loved ones face so make sure to put this effort in a handmade Eid card.

Hand Drew Eid cards

What could be the best way to send Eid greetings than a hand drawn Eid card?

 Amazing Eid Envelops

An Eid envelope containing money and saying “Eid Mubarak” is the best way to lighten up children’s mood

 Eid ul Fitr Logos

Eid logos are available online saying your Eid greetings to friends.

Eid Animations

Animations saying Eid Mubarak is also a great idea for this Eid

 Eid Status

Facebook status saying Eid Mubarak can be the Eid greeting for all your friends.

 Eid gift

You can have a gift parcelled over to your far off living friend or loved one with a card saying Eid greetings

Eid Flowers

You can also send flowers to your loved ones so they can start their Eid day with a smile on your face.

 Eid Invitation

An invitation to invite someone to your house and saying Eid Mubarak is also a great idea this Eid.

MouthWatering Eid Cake

A cake with “Eid Mubarak” saying on it is also a great way to make people feel special this Eid.

 A pack of Chocolates for Eid Gifts

A pack of chocolates with an Eid greeting attached to it is a great present his Eid for chocolate lovers.

All these Eid greetings are the great way to make your loved ones feel special this Eid.