31 Prevention that Reduce the Risk of Breast Cancer

Cancer prevention is an action that reduces the risk factors. Same is the case with breast cancer; some of the preventions can be taken to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Regular exercise and healthy eating pattern is highly recommended to all the women because it not only prevents breast cancer but also helps in healthy life. There should be a low intake of saturated fats and alcohol because they also act as a contributor to breast cancer. Examine yourself carefully and go for immediate screening in case of any symptom. If you are facing menopause then just check out your weight might be your obesity is causing more estrogen production, which may cause production. Women who feed babies have less chance of developing breast cancer at later stage of life.

There are much prevention that can trim down the possibility of breast cancer that varies according to the age, family’s medical history and the results of genetic tests. You can also discuss treatment options with healthcare professionals. Breast cancer prevention starts with healthy lifestyle such as limiting alcohol and staying physically active. Understand and adopt what you can do to lessen the risk of breast cancer. Here are 10 +preventions that reduce the risk of breast cancer. Stay safe!!!

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Woman with pink cancer awareness ribbon

woman with pink cancer awareness ribbon

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