20 Teddy Bear Day Pictures and Ecards

Now a day teddy bear’s popularity and importance in our daily lives is not hidden from anyone. It has become a symbol of love and peace as well as gifted to friends and loved ones for well wishing. Nowadays people do buy teddy bears as not only collectibles but also to congratulate their friends and loved ones. There are many teddy bear poems as well as teddy bear pictures available online in the form of teddy bear ecards to rejoice with your loved ones. Teddy bear cakes are also delivered to the loved ones to shows your love and affection you have for them. It is the popularity and the world wide recognition of the teddy bear’s importance on all major celebrated events that people revel teddy bear day.

Although history of the Teddy bear day is not confirmed and a bit confusing nor we can say anything how it got started as well as who initiated it. Yet one thing is confirmed that teddy bear day provides an awesome opportunity to hug our loved ones or friends in addition to share some liter moments of life with them. The little we find from the history is the moment when U.S. President Theodore “T.R.” Roosevelt, Jr., refused to shot a little bear cub due to his innocence and attraction when he was on a hunting tour. That event took the main page of the newspapers, eventually Morris Michtom in the United States whereas Richard Steiff started making cute stuffed bear cubs in Germany and named them after President’s name Teddy’s bear. The teddy bear has now became an iconic children’s toy, well-known in stories, songs and cartoon films around the world. Although 9th September is celebrated as National Teddy Bear Day yet surprisingly there’s also another National Teddy Bear Day in November. Vermont Teddy Bear Company started those celebrations in 2000 to loud the contributions the teddy bear has made to popular culture.


Happy Teddy Bear Day


Teddy Bear Day Cake


Teddy Bear to Say Sorry


Teddy Bear for Happy Birthday


Cure Teddy Bear


Lovely Teddy Bear for Gift


Teddy Bear for Loved One


Say Get Well Soon with Teddy Bear


Teddy Cupcakes on Teddy Bear Day


Cool Teddy Bear Day ecard


Teddy Bear Ecard


Bear Hug on Teddy Bear Day


Say I Love You with Teddy Bear


Teddy Bear a Cute Gift to Your Valentine


Wish Get Well Soon with Teddy Ecard


Happy Teddy Bear Day


Say Get Well Soon to Babies


Missing You on Teddy Bear Day


Teddy Bear Day Cakes

rose valentine cake with teddy2

Love and Hugs on Teddy Bear Day Ecard


Ecard for a Crazy Bear Hug


Teddy Bear for Someone Very Special


Teddy Bear Day