20 Glorious Tattoos Images With Meanings

Tattoos have continued to rise in popularity throughout the years, becoming one of the most common forms of body art. Whether it’s the tattoos quotes or a specific drawing, most of these body artworks are tattoos with meaning. Common illustrations include inspirational life quotes or sayings that help remind them of the positive outlook in life. Meaningful ink also include memorial birth or death dates of a loved family member or friend. Specific images are also a daily source of inspiration when tattooed onto the body. When you ask someone what their body illustration is, they usually are open to speaking about the ink they got drawn on their body; this is because it is something they chose for the world to see. As many artworks have meaning, the person will most likely go on to tell the story behind their tattoo and why he or she got it. They may also explain the person that their ink was inspired by if they had someone in their life that had positively influenced them. Because of the personal touch tattoos have, they are most often times a great conversation starter.

What’s great about body artwork is that they are able to be customized and completely unique. Many people take this opportunity to help define them through their body ink and show the world who they are. It’s important though to never have any prejudice against someone who has body ink because although they may define style or show off certain traits, a book cannot be judged by its cover.

Beautiful Flying Birds Tattoo

This image shows love, peace and freedom for all.


Shining Star Tattoo of LifeTime

Shows the vibrant colors of lifetime and entertainment.


Sophisticatedly written believe Tattoo

Stylishly painted believe tattoo with heart images shows the self belief in love and GOD.


Infinite Love Tattoo for Couple

Carved in infinity sign, this love tattoo shows not limits of love.


Elegant Fish Pair Tattoo

Describes the free and funky colors of life and fun.


Flying Birds Tattoo in formation

Illustrating the freedom and self belief with flying birds in open skies with strong caption.


Remarkable Tattoo of Strength

Engraved lion reflects the sign of stability, power and prestige.


Smartly Imprinted Swallow Tattoo

Swallow exposes the Independence and freelancing attitude of life with style.


Flamboyant Butterfly Tattoo with Love

Showing the colors of life and its attraction with love and harmony.

butterfly tattoo meaning

Roaring Lion Tattoo

Arrogance, Rage, Fury and overwhelming attitude of some one born with.


Lovely Tattoo of Dove (peace)

Lovely tattoo of Dove depicting peace and prosperity.


Tattoo of Love and Harmony

Just for love, beautiful tattoo best for lovers.


Classically Stamped Tattoo with Beautiful Daisy

Depicting just for love for loved ones leaving everything behind.


Depicting Wiki Tattoo

Showing some one’s love for Wikipedia an educational site.


Smartly love patterned Tattoo

Having all the positive attitude of someone towards his family and life. The best way to express your personality.



Simply Inked Courage Tattoo

Showing some one’s courageous attitude in life with liberty and freelancing, enough to leave a long lasting statement.


Flower Anklet Tattoo

Not only shows someone’s sense of humor and love but also lets you stand out among others.






Blood is thicker than water Tattoo

Depicting strong bound towards blood relations and special loved ones.



Rose n Dove Tattoo

Rose and dove tattoos reveals love and peace, affection and prosperity as well as respect and dignity.


Eagle Tattoos

Entitled with dignity, self esteem, respect, courage and masculinity.