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29 Unbelievable Autumn Flowers Colors

Autumn and flowers make an exceptional combination and the nature displays beautiful colors with fall foliage. The shades of autumn flowers are incredibly magical and they really are eye captivating. Not only humans, but the humming birds also get attracted by the pulsating autumn flowers colors. Fantastic autumn flowers can be seen all around the

24 Best Boss Day Quotes

Yes it’s a Boss Day and a time to celebrate!! So avoid being introvert and try to thank your boss for his endless support and guidance. Boss day is celebrated once a year on 16 October, or the nearby working day. You should regard it as a day to appreciate your boss and take it

40 Naughty Selfies on Right Time

Welcome to a laughter ride!! Where we will just see and spotlight some good selfies, the selfies or the naughty shots that take place at a perfect moment, either it is due to some immense ability, planning or…sheer dumb luck. Sometimes you are blessed that you click a Selfie on a right time.  A mash-up of

30 Bad and Good Selfies Trends

As per Oxford Dictionaries, the word “Selfie” was the word of the year in 2013. By reviewing some more sources and literature, it’s not wrong to say that selfie has become a trend in the world. Now, we should feel happy about it or not that’s a big question. Even in certain reviews, people feel

25 Amazing Teen Selfies

Selfies has become an important part of teenage events and we can see its significant impact on our society. The art of taking selfie is growing every passing day and believe it or not people have practiced and perfected it over a period of time. How amazing it is for you to just flip the

Winter is here

Winter is the coldest season of the year in some parts of the northern and southern hemisphere, this season is characterized by falling snow and freezing cold temperatures, usually exacerbated by strong winds. The season which usually lasts about three months is caused by the winter-stricken area being farthest away from the sun in the

30 Amazing Halloween Ideas

Halloween is mainly attributed with a scary decor and is celebrated once a year on 31st October. It provides us with an opportunity to decorate our homes with hideous and horrifying decorations by hanging ghosts, pumpkin, witch’s curtain and what not to bring fear in the vicinity. It’s the right time! Start preparing for amazing

20 Halloween Parties

Witches and ghosts will be searching for candy and treats because its Halloween time!! So, cast a bewitchingly tasty spell on them and make a lip-smacking Halloween treat. Whenever we think about a party we think about food so, a Halloween party is also incomplete without some scary cute Halloween menu. The festivity can be

20 Happy Holidays Wishes

The best part of the holiday season is seeing the eager faces of young children as they anticipate the arrival of fun. The joy and look of wonderment in their faces is priceless. We all become little children again at this time of the year as we look forward to being with loved ones. Gifts

Iranian Festival Yalda

Iranians around the world celebrate Yalda, which is one of the most ancient Persian festivals. The festival dates back to the time when a majority of Persians were followers of Zoroastrianism prior to the advent of Islam. On Yalda festival, Iranians celebrate the arrival of winter, the renewal of the sun and the victory of